HBA Property Management LLC of North Haven, Connecticut

First and foremost, HBA Property Management, LLC is committed to service.

Hank Barkon offers many years of experience in the property management business. He is a conscientious, hands-on manager who is recognized not only for his knowledge of all aspects of management, but for his work ethic and integrity as well. He is committed to providing the highest quality service.

Most associations, at some point in their existence, have needed to seek outside financing for the kinds of major repairs and replacements that begin to be needed as buildings age. Few associations have sufficient funds in reserve to cover such costs. Yet, for years, banks had turned down applications for such loans due to issues around collateral. It’s worth noting that Hank was the first property manager in Connecticut to get a loan application approved for a condominium association. In the late 1980s Hank convinced a bank loan officer to use future HOA income as collateral. This practice, which is still in effect today, has enabled countless shared-owner associations to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance major property repairs and improvements which they would otherwise have been unable to afford.

One final way in which HBA Property Management, LLC differs from other management companies is that Hank chose to forego the use of an outside answering service. Instead, all calls to the office after hours and on weekends and holidays are greeted with a message that provides a cell phone number so that callers may reach him immediately and directly. This uncommon practice eliminates the frustration clients often feel when dealing with an outside answering service and waiting for a call-back. This is just one example of the “above and beyond” practices that allow HBA Property Management, LLC to make the claim:

We provide management with a difference!”

HBA Property Management, LLC • 154 State Street, Suite 206A • North Haven, CT 06473 • 203.691.9832 • hbamgmt@gmail.com

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